And The Winner Of This Week’s #GVPics Instagram Contest Is

And The Winner Of This Week’s #GVPics Instagram Contest Is

Another week has passed which means more travel, more photo opportunities and a lot more sun!

Now is the time to put up your sixties styled shades, dab some sunscreen on your nose, hike a mountain, see a play or fall in love. Whatever it is you find adventurous enough for this beautiful weather! Just remember to tag your photographs with #GVPics and you might be the winner of next week’s Instagram contest!

The runners-up:

Ah, you readers and your perfect photo-ops, how do you spot them?


A photo posted by Anna (@annquitt) on

Who would imagine a sketchbook drawing of the West could be so on point?

This scenery makes all blues go away.

I wouldn’t say the ‘No Hands’ trick was a good idea when standing on top of a cliff though.

Has it really been THIS cold!?

#drinkingfountain #water #reykjavik #harbour #shotoniphone #nofilter #gvpics

A photo posted by Dan Donald (@hereinthehive) on

Take me to the glorious world of Keflavík right now!

Iceland is far more beautiful seen through heart-shaped sunglasses.

Comedy, politics or in some cases, both.

#iceland #reykjavík #protest #gvpics

A photo posted by @jeanleighk on

The only way to start off the perfect day in Iceland.

So puffins can actually be found here?!


Congratulations Erlendis Travel! Your colourful and sunny photograph earned you a Grapevine T-shirt and goodie bag! Check out Erlendis Travel’s website here. Thanks for participating in this week’s contest and make sure to tag your photographs for next week!

#GVPics #GVPics #GVPics #GVPics #GVPics

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