The Icelandic “Spring” On Instagram: Winner Of This Week’s #GVPics

The Icelandic “Spring” On Instagram: Winner Of This Week’s #GVPics

Spring is upon us, or so we thought. The country’s flowers had just started to bloom when the snow came and covered all of it. Winter’s back, and as beautiful as it may be, we hope it won’t stay for too long.

The photographers who took part in this week’s #GVpics Instagram competition didn’t seem to mind the cold weather and shot beautiful pictures of Icelandic nature and life.

Keep tagging your pictures with #GVpics for a chance of becoming the winner of next week’s Instagram competition and remember to stay warm!

The runners-up:

Roofs of Reykjavík.

The colourful roofs of Reykjavik #iceland #ig_iceland #mystopover #gvpics #aerialphotography #home #citylife

A photo posted by Matt Palmer (@mattmakesphotos) on

Nice timing, creep.

One of the best way to travel in Reykjavík : the bicycle

A photo posted by Helene Papion Photography ( on

Ah, makes us wan’t to go on a roadtrip as well.

Took this pic of my lovely sister on our road trip last summer ❤️

A photo posted by Telma Geirsdóttir (@telmage) on

In case of a lake fire, here is an extinguisher.

Going sea swimming, ey?

The whoo birds of Iceland.

Young gulls scream for a feeding. #puberty #iceland #seagulls #hangry #GVpics

A photo posted by Chrystal Ding (@chrysding) on

Cool ligts and all, but look at those ice-skating trees!

Just a line of green in the sky above the trees…

A photo posted by Julli jonsson (@julli_jonsson) on

Purdy little birdy.

Little birdie enjoying the #Jökulsárlón #glacierlagoon. #Vatnajökull #GVpics #reykjavikgrapevine

A photo posted by Caroline de Mooij (@ikverloormijnkoekieindedisco) on

“Quick honey, the timer is only 5 seconds!”

They say don’t eat yellow snow, I don’t know if I’d trust yellow fog either.

#tbt mjóafjardarheidi, dont go missing #GVpics #mitdembärenimauenland

A photo posted by Annie Andante (@kom.andante) on


Matt Palmer

The colourful roofs of Reykjavik #iceland #ig_iceland #mystopover #gvpics #aerialphotography #home #citylife

A photo posted by Matt Palmer (@mattmakesphotos) on

Congratulations Matt Palmer for this beautiful photograph! It portrays Reykjavík’s buildings in s way we weren’t even sure if it had been painted or not. Your stunning photograph won you a Grapevine T-shirt!

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