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Resident Sonologist’s Sónar Picks

Resident Sonologist’s Sónar Picks

Published February 5, 2016

Photos by
Art Bicnick

Hrefna Björg is one of this issue’s Sónar picker. Rolling in from Breiðholt, Hrefna can frequently be spotted rolling in a yellow vehicle (bus nr. 3), sipping on coffee and checking out Reykjavík’s music scene. Most of the time, though, she is in front of her computer editing photographs, making videos or writing. Sometimes all at once.

President Bongo & The Emotional Carpenters

I am extremely excited for this performance. I was introduced to President Bongo (former member of Gusgus) not so long ago and haven’t been able to stop listening to his album ‘Serengeti’ since. It’s crazy good African electronic dance music.


The daughters of Reykjavík are the crème de la crème of the festival. A feast for the ears and by far the best concert to lose yourself to. Learn all the words to “Hæpið” and you’ll be the coolest person in the audience. Need I say more? It’s Reykjavíkurdætur.


I saw Auður performing three times at the last Airwaves festival, and I’ve obviously become a total fangirl. His modern soul music is mesmerising, his voice sensual, and his moves oh so smooth.

Sturla Atlas

This show is going to be insane, Sturla Atlas’s performances always are. The 101 boys attract every norm-core kid with a thirst for hip-hop to their shows and it’s a blast. “San Francisco” was the song of summer 2015 and “snowin” the song of this winter—don’t miss them.


I honestly can’t wait for this performance. Being a huge fan of FKA twigs, I correctly assumed that Sevdaliza would be right up my alley. Her music videos are pure art, and her sound is completely hypnotising. “Men of Glass” is my current favourite song.

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