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Sigmundur Davíð Goes On “Indefinite Holiday”

Published April 12, 2016

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Art Bicnick

The former Prime Minister will be on indefinite leave from his parliamentary seat, and intends to travel the country.

According to an announcement on parliament’s official site, Progressive alternate MP Hjálmar Bogi Hafliðason took Sigmundur Davíð’s seat yesterday. MBL reports that Sigmundur intends to spend time with his family and think about his position in parliament.

Eyjan reports further that, in a letter he wrote to other members of the Progressive Party, upon his return from holiday, he will travel the country and discuss matters with other Progressives.

According to the most recent survey on the subject, about 80% of respondents believe that Sigmundur should permanently vacate his parliamentary seat.

Last week, Sigmundur was officially relieved of his duties as Prime Minister, replaced for the position by Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, but has remained on as chairperson of the Progressive Party and a regular member of parliament for them.

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