From Iceland — Pirate Party Still Largest, And Growing

Pirate Party Still Largest, And Growing

Published May 26, 2015

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The Pirate Party is still the party with the greatest support, according to a new MMR poll, and has in fact grown in support. Meanwhile, the Progressives – who lead the government – now measure at 8.6%.

According to a new poll from Market and Media Research, the Pirates are now at 32.7%, up by 0.7% from the previous poll. The Pirates are the party with the greatest level of support in Iceland, as they have been for months now. The Pirates by themselves have, in fact, greater support than the ruling coalition, which is at 31.4%.

This puts the party almost ten percentage points ahead of the second largest party, the Independence Party, who are currently at 23.1%, up by 1.2% from the poll previous. The Social Democrats saw a 2.4% bump in support between polls, putting them now at 13.1%, while the Left-Greens dipped slightly, by 0.4%, to 10.4%.

Trailing behind all these parties is the party that actually leads the government, the Progressive Party. They are currently at 8.6%, down by 2.2% from the previous poll. The only party polling worse than they are is Bright Future, who went from 8.3% to 6.3%.

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