From Iceland — #ItWorked: Hannah Jane's Secret Solstice Diary Epilogue

#ItWorked: Hannah Jane’s Secret Solstice Diary Epilogue

#ItWorked: Hannah Jane’s Secret Solstice Diary Epilogue

Published June 23, 2016

I think you all underestimate my intelligence. You think I “just write creepy articles.” Ha. What you guys don’t know is that there is some forward thinking. You think this stuff just “happens” to me? It doesn’t. It’s all part of the long con. You know, last night my fellow writer York Underwood called me an Alpha Male. I am an Alpha Male.

And GP recognises that. That’s why yesterday we totally hung out.

Because this is Iceland, we started by getting ice cream at Paradís. I think we got vanilla. I don’t remember, I’m a gentleman so I let him order.

(I apologise for the amount of photos in this post. There were so many good ones and I am so tired that I can’t even write much. This epilogue only exists because of these photos.)


This year, Secret Solstice was much different for me than it was last year because I actually had friends and knew a ton of people here. In 2015, I had just came to Iceland before the festival, so I essentially covered it knowing almost no one. I still had a blast, of course, but this year having friends made the whole place feel so much more warm and loving. I can imagine this will only exponentially increase for next year.


Look at that smile man. He either loves me or the ice cream, and I’m going with me.

Also make sure you check out his Andri Snær shirt. I would wholeheartedly endorse Andri but I cannot vote so please vote for him in my absence. (For all you foreigners, GP formally endorsed Snær during his SS performance. I don’t know about you, but I love a good political move.)

After we ate ice cream, we took a walk.



My last thoughts on SS:

  1. I wish I had not been so drunk at the Rottweiler performance that I literally didn’t remember it. That was unprofessional of me as well as mean towards Blaz Roca and Bent, who are friends of mine. Or at least they were friends of mine. I’m sorry. I don’t care about the other guy whose name I don’t know. We aren’t friends.
  2. I have been told repeatedly that I was wrong about the Bara Negla and Baraseira rhyme thing. Remember I am just an uneducated American who doesn’t speak Icelandic.
  3. My editor did not edit out Emmsjé Gauti’s address. That was a joke. I edited it out. I would not actually post my own address on the internet (but if Aron Can is reading this…)
  4. Why does anyone even make music? The album “Ultraviolence” by Lana Del Rey already exists.
  5. So far I’ve had radio silence from Secret Solstice regarding my reviews… I hope I am invited back next year.
  6. But seriously, who the fuck cares about the above thoughts? Not me. My work here is done.

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See you next time 😉

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