From Iceland — Who Is Biogen And Why Should We Donate Towards Collecting His Works?

Who Is Biogen And Why Should We Donate Towards Collecting His Works?

Who Is Biogen And Why Should We Donate Towards Collecting His Works?

Published December 16, 2015

Sigurbjörn Þorgrímsson, AKA. Biogen, was a pioneer in the Icelandic electronic music scene. As one of the founders of Thule Records, and later the head of the mighty Weirdcore collective, bright-eyed Biogen was a constant source of inspiration, motivating a large part of the younger generation of Icelandic electronic musicians to leave their basements and get their music out there. While Biogen was very active in his artistic endeavours, constantly releasing new music and frequently giving performances, both in Iceland and abroad, his physical releases having grown increasingly rare in recent years, with very little currently available to the public. The main reason for this is that Biogen self-released a lot of his music, selling and distributing it among friends, fans and family, occasionally handing out copies to wandering tourists he’d encounter  on Laugavegur.

Biogen passed away in 2011, following a long battle with manic-depressive disorder—an illness that had an integral effect on his life and on his music.

He was a beloved friend and a valued mentor to many of those who currently lead the Icelandic music scene. The scene itself, along with those who follow and enjoy it, are indebted to Biogen for his hard work and constant creativity. We all miss him terribly, too.

This is why a group of local artists decided to team up with Biogen’s friends and family to honour the man and his life’s work by crafting a massive compilation of his music. Biogen may not be with us at the moment, but through his music, through the spirit he inspired, and through the memories of those who knew him, Biogen will live forever.

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