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Published May 27, 2005

Eldsmiðjan was one of the country’s first pizzerias, a sensation when it opened 18 years ago in the city centre. They seem to have established a whole generation of old fans, and my companion was one of those – stunned to see that the place has grown two floors, so you can actually sit and eat now.
The hyper-kitschy art on the grey walls makes certain no one feels intimidated in there – as does the kindergarten outside the window. You will find a very mixed crowd in the restaurant, but mostly people under 40.
The staff was a bit insecure, yet fulfilled any request without scruples. As my companion asked for a small Coke, but in a big glass, with water added, it was served, and no questions asked. Which I found remarkable.
I didn’t taste the wine in there, as soda seemed more appropriate to the atmosphere … even at nine in the evening it feels like lunch rather than dinner. The pizzas are great, and might be your only opportunity to taste Reykjavík-Napolitan food ever, as the basically traditional North Italian pizza here is baked over open fire from aromatic birch, leaving a wonderfully eccentric taste on top of the ingredients.
Especially recommended: the nut/chicken/sun-dried tomatoes variety.
Eldsmiðjan, Bragagötu 38a,
Tel. 562-3838

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