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Published January 1, 2015

The faster and more affordable cousin to one of the top restaurants in the country, Austurindíafélagið, flavour is never compromised by promptness. Their short selection of authentic Indian cuisine is cooked with the finest ingredients, the spices are masterfully blended and the experience is wholly satisfying.

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Let’s first get one thing straight – Indian food in Iceland is not like in the UK; it is less spicy, more difficult to find, and inevitably more expensive. Of course there is good Indian cuisine here…

12673631913_82d9d78687_bPeople Get Ready, There’s A Train A Comin’

Hraðlestin is a chain serving a westernized version of Indian food. It started as a single take-away restaurant on Hverfisgata called Austurlandahraðlestin…


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