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Grapevine Supporters’ Club

Grapevine Supporters’ Club

So the internet is broken. You may have noticed that more online media are giving up on web advertising, as the price-race to the bottom has successfully made everything except buzzfeed and sites that just make the news up impossible to pay for.

So we’re trying a new thing. In the coming months, we’ll be experimenting with supporters clubs, our take on the patreon/kickstarter way of funding. This may give us an opportunity to increase our scope of coverage, deprioritise online advertising and support our staff better.

For those that want something in return, we offer a lot of incentives. Probably too much. But what can we say, too much is never enough, right?

There’s no minimum amount.


3$ a month – Base Tier

Not interested in any of the product clubs?

Our Grapevine Base club is simply for readers that want to support the magazine.

We offer an exclusive mailing list tailored to the interests of our more dedicated readers, with exclusive content.

5$ a month – free t-shirt

In addition to the mailing list, yearly you’ll get the grapevine Supporters Club tee shirt, designed by our Art Director, Sveinbjörn Pálsson. Not available to anyone else, and it’s cool as hell.

10$ a month – The Goodie Box

– included with everything after this.

In addition to the list and the tee, you get a shipment from iceland each year. A hand picked selection of our favorite things, which might include candy (there’ll definitely be candy), design, hats, t-shirts, harðfiskur, music, vintage items. Hand selected. By hand. These are some smooth hands, too. If you’re visiting iceland, we’ll send you our latest Best Of issues so you can prepare your trip according to your convenience, or you can pick two issues of the magazine that you’d like to own.

25$ a month – The Goodie box plus t-shirt plus slack channel!

Access to the Grapevine superfan slack channel, populated by our journalists, plus all the benefits abouve.

50$ a month – The Grapevine XL Goodie Box – three times the size of the small one. included with everything after this.

Everything above, plus a goodie box, sent out once a year, with special exclusive treats we’re certain will surprise and delight you. These are some deep selections. Special edition Icelandic candy, design, hats, t-shirts, Harðfiskur, music, vintage items. Hand-selected to make you giddy with delight. If you’re a lady we might add a nice icelandic face cream. If you’re a gentleman we’ll supply the same face cream but with a masculine light-blue ribbon around it. If you identify with neither, we’ll send you a face cream.

100$ a month – Dinner With A Contributor

List, tee, slack channel, plus a dinner with a grapevine regular contributor of your choice (pending availability) at a best-of winning restaurant, once every club year. You need to pay for the year, either in advance or you get this after a year of monthly payments.

150$ a month

A day traveling with John Rogers

Three times a year, we’ll take up to three readers out of the city where they’ll get shown around by our resident travel expert and managing editor, John Rogers. His knowledge of icelandic travel secrets and icelandic music culture has few peers, so expect to be thoroughly entertained.

– or –

A day in the field with our most intrepid journalist, Paul Fontaine.

Spend three hours jetting around town covering the issues that trouble iceland.

– or –

A night out with Hannah Jane

Our finger on the pulse Listings Editor will show you the hidden depths of icelandic culture and partying. From 23:00 to 02:00

500$ a month – Private concert

We’ll book a private, intimate concert for you and up to seven friends with one of Iceland’s leading musical artists or acts, which you can pick out of a selection.

1000$ a month – Guest editor

you’ll get to guest edit the magazine. You’ll spend two days with us in the office where you can pick a topic (out of the ones we cover) and help us guide the coverage. There’s no limit to how dumb this can get. For that reason, we’re obviously not talking about the whole issue. And we’ll pay the editing staff a bit extra to put up with you.

One seat available per year.


50.000$ a month – Fire a staffer

Don’t like a writer here? Unhappy with where the editing is going? Tired of the same fonts over and over? Personal grievances with our photo editor?

You can fire them! Feel the rush of power! Smite! We reserve the right to re-hire said staffer after three months have passed, and really this is more like a paid leave, but still. Praise the almighty dollar/euro/chinese yuan/Faroese Krona.

220.000$ a month (24 months, paid in advance) – Buy the company

After 24 months of this, you own the magazine. Change it into a Donald Trump fanzine. Move the entire staff to idaho. Institute staff uniforms. Your powers are boundless. You are a god. You could also just leverage the assets to grow the company, if you’re super boring. We suggest playing god instead.