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Food brought to you by the Horticulturalists’ Sales

Food brought to you by the Horticulturalists’ Sales

This section of our website is brought to you by The Horticulturalists’ Sales Company (SFG). This is not just a company to which Icelandic vegetable farmers commission their harvests; they also strive to provide the freshest, most sustainably produced produce to Iceland in the most economic fashion possible.

Sustainability and affordability are as important to the Grapevine as they are to SFG. In a world where climate change poses an existential threat to countless species, Iceland has been at the forefront of setting a positive example for the rest of the world. Part of this includes striving to supply our shops and restaurants with locally grown ingredients.

Icelandic produce in particular is grown in a sustainable fashion, springing to life from the island’s rich volcanic soil and pure glacial water. By buying local, you are not only helping to reduce Iceland’s carbon footprint by eschewing imported products; you are also contributing to those farmers who work hard to provide the very best food that Iceland has to offer.

For these reasons, the Grapevine wants to highlight this trend, to help locals and visitors to the country alike to find and shop at stores, restaurants and cafés which offer our locally cultivated food. A crucial aspect of this is our partnership with SFG. Both SFG and the Grapevine personally vet everything highlighted in this section, so that you, the reader, can trust the information we provide within this section.

All this being said, it is our hope that you find this section both resourceful and useful. Together, we can help contribute to developing the sustainable, and frankly delicious, Icelandic produce that our country’s farmers work hard to provide.