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    A Shit Sandwich Of Gloom Lorded over by the most bumblingly inefficient government in recent memory, people found it increasingly harder to feed themselves. For instance: at the start of 2015, Icelanders saw rising food prices, along with a tiny drop in the cost of cigarettes and flat-screen TVs. However, the government does win points

  • Icelandic Whisky — A Taste Of Things To Come

    The small and unassuming Eimverk distillery can be found in an industrial park in Garðabær. Inside, numerous vats, barrels, boxes, filters and pieces of distillery equipment flood the warehouse floor space, and there is a notably sour (but not pungent) smell in the air. The family-run distillery has already received critical acclaim for their gin,

  • Orable Tradition

    Nostalgia marketing is big money but it is around the Holidays that it is most expertly wielded. Shady mega-conglomerates and unashamed monopolies doff their Christmas caps and electrocute their army of Yuletide lab monkeys into screeching Christmas carols. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that companies found a way to market the Christmas celebrations and


    The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads. And their teeny-tiny bellies rumbled all fill’d with seven kinds of animals kill’d and smoked, salted, cured, canned, hung, dried, buried, beaten, signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours. Welcome to the food-a-geddon. Leave your gag reflex at the door

  • Icelandic Christmas Buffet at Skrúður

    Skrúður is an institution in family-friendly Christmas buffets. There are fancier buffets, there are more innovative buffets, but I was interested in this one because of how resolutely decent and representative it is. And it doesn’t hurt that it holds some personal nostalgic memories for me. What is Christmas if not blatantly maudlin nostalgia? Skrúður

  • Have Yourself A Sexy Little Christmas

    Chocolate. Oh heavenly Chocolate! The Aztecs—early converts to the cause—believed that it was a gift from the gods, and that it could even bestow special powers upon those who consumed it. We can confirm that this is true. We learned it at Halldór Kr. Sigurðsson’s chocolate making course. We also learned to make chocolate. It

  • What Icelanders Eat For The Holidays

    Look, intrepid traveller! Here is a primer on the usual suspects and new additions to the ever-popular Icelandic Christmas buffets, found at various restaurants around the country. If you’re around in time for one of those, why not give it a whirl? You’ll certainly be immersing yourself in Icelandic culture, if nothing else. The Kings

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