• Best Vintage Stores

    Vintage shopping can be one of the most thrilling life experiences for fashion lovers out there. Nothing compares to the joy and excitement of rummaging through a treasure trove of retro sunglasses or the pride and satisfaction of excavating the perfect ‘60s designer dress from under a pile of old sweaters. There is a ridiculous

  • Innovation And The Future Ahead

    A few years ago, industrial designer Pálmi Einarsson looked around at the world and his two young boys and thought to himself: “What state will this planet be in when our kids inherit it?” He then up and left his successful long-term career with an international prosthetics manufacturer and set up Geislar hönnunarhús, where he

  • A Hardware Store Holds Its Own On Fleece Street

    As you walk up Laugavegur, weaving through all-weather clad tourists as they meander past souvenir shops, artsy cafés and hip boutiques, a hardware store is probably the last thing you would expect to encounter. However, Brynja, a Reykjavík institution, holds its own in the thoroughfare amongst these crowd pleasers. The distinctive red building is impossible

  • Best Of Reykjavík 2013: Best Place to Treat Yo Self

    Even from the outside, Geysir is a barrel full of eye-candy for the window shopper with a sweet tooth for clean Nordic fashion and indulgently soft fur accessories. Though it sits a mere block up from Lundinn on Skólavorðustígur, Geysir feels a long ways away in terms of quality and aesthetics from its tourist trapping

  • Best of Reykjavík 2013: Shopping and Commerce

    Best Place to Shop for Touristy Stuff: Geysir Skólavörðustígur 16 There are polar bears and puffins in every other store window in Reykjavík, but is that what you want? Stuffed polar bears and puffins? What are you going to do with them when you get home? THINK ABOUT IT. Instead, why not get something useful?

  • Next Stop: SHOP!

    Never underestimate the power of tiny Iceland to capture the world’s attention with financial crashes, volcanic eruptions, and a tourist campaign that went a little too far (here’s hoping no one ever actually renames Iceland “Jump For Joy Land”). Lately, Iceland has been garnering attention for something else too: its blossoming fashion scene. Recognising this

  • No Place For H&M

    An hour before ATMO’s grand opening on November 15, CEO Ásta Kristjánsdóttir was far from ready in a flowing white top, grey jeans and pink and grey Nike sneakers. She hadn’t finished putting on her make-up, but there were a dozen small tasks to be completed first: construction workers needed directions on last minute projects,

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