• Meet The Venues

    So you’re browsing through the Airwaves schedule trying to get a feel for your evening and while you know some of the bands at each place you’re really thinking, “Hey, what’s the vibe like in this place? Is this a venue I can get into?” Well we can’t tell you if you’ll physically access them

  • Best Laid Plans

    It’s somewhat common around this time of year for Reykjavík music lovers to get, in the parlance of our times, “hella planny.” Many locals map their movements during the Iceland Airwaves festival to an uncharacteristically exact degree. A simple “who are you seeing tonight?” can be greeted by “I’ll be watching off-venues at A, B

  • Tips & Tricks From Veterans

      In lieu of writing our annual “Guide To Not Losing Your Shit At Iceland Airwaves,” we decided to solicit advice from some of our Airwaves savvy friends. Best of luck out there! “General rule: If you’re too cold during Airwaves, it means you’re not partying hard enough. Take extra vacation for recuperation, plan out

  • Seven New Projects To Catch This Airwaves

    Each Iceland Airwaves festival features a gobsmackingly large number of bands, and this year is no exception with 220 in the lineup. It’s not everyone and their grandmothers playing, mind you. Festival organisers have put a lot of energy into vetting the bands, and turned down 200 local and 700 international acts. “Airwaves is a


    In Iceland, some lies are ok, or even border on essential. Little, sweet ones, like, “oh yeah I’ve heard of your shitty experimental band, you guys are cool,” or “I would love to eat that whale dish you’ve prepared for me, but I’m vegetarian.” As Airwaves descends upon Reykjavík, I find myself lying all the

  • The Best-Waves

    We are extra excited for this year’s festival because for the first time we, Straumur, are having our very own off-venue program at Bíó Paradís. Also, the Knife will play their final show ever and other great international acts like Caribou, The Flaming Lips and Unknown Mortal Orchestra are playing. These following recommendations are based

  • Anniversary of Alien Visit Inspires Airwaves Event

    The isolated town of Rif in Snæfellsnes peninsula is hosting a unique off–venue Airwaves event on November 5 in which New Zealand band Orchestra of Spheres will play. The event, held at Frystiklefinn (“The Freezer Hostel”), near Snæfellsjökull glacier, coincides with the 21st anniversary of aliens landing in Iceland. The concert starts at 21:00, and admission

  • Iceland Airwaves: Most Wanted

    Downtown Reykjavík during Airwaves is something to see. Every shop seems to sprout a sound system, and live music is everywhere. Amongst the happy throng are the musicians making it happen, many playing the festival multiple times, running from venue to venue to make it to their own shows and still trying to catch their

  • Get Serenaded By GusGus Singer Daníel Agust

    Recent Grapevine cover stars GusGus today unveil a video for their new single “Airwaves”, in a somewhat timely fashion. It’s the third single to be gleaned from their 2014 album ‘Mexico‘, presented here as a 4-minute radio edit, and blending together pop and techno in an appealing fusion that’s seen the band achieve a new

  • Entertaining Indigenes

    No, I’m never a tourist, and neither are you, dear reader. In fact you are just like me, when we travel around the world, looking for new sensations—we are travellers, intrepid travellers, even. Perhaps you flew to Iceland to enjoy the island’s indigenous sounds; its original vibrant authentic culture (a journey I might undertake, were

  • Your Band Is Called What Now?

    There are 220 bands playing Iceland Airwaves this year. That’s a lot of bands to keep track of. And some of their names aren’t exactly doing us any favours… Okay, So You Basically Have The Same Name East India Youth East Of My Youth Note: East India Youth are the band from the UK. East

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