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The popularity of British chain store TopShop has been no less in Iceland than across the globe but up until now, fashion-conscious shoppers could only purchase the reasonably-priced feminine clothing in the Smáralind Mall. TopShop is branching out and has opened a new outlet in Kringlan Mall stuffed with warm jackets, coats and stylish winter pieces that both look and feel good during the cold and dark winter months.
The new store is not only filled with casual outerwear but also carries a broad range of cute tops, boots, cardigans, trousers, hoodies, cheap jewellery and accessories and a nice selection of patterned leggings. TopShop also stocks the new and hip Kate Moss collection.
What makes this shop such a popular shopping destination among girls of all ages is that you can easily take the time to dress up from top to toe for an affordable price, or, if in a hurry, grab a glamorous dress on the run for an evening party. TopShop,
Kringlan Mall, Kringlan 4-12
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