Laugarvegur 71, 101 Reykjavík
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As many comparisons as Iceland gets with Hawaii, it certainly seems to lag behind its Pacific counterpart in the way of Surf and Skate apparel stores. Brim, an enormous surfwear, skatewear, and snowboard shop on upper Laugarvegur seems to compensate for downtown Reykjavik’s noticeable drought of Xtreme sports stores. A recent move in late April saw the shop open up two full levels of men and women’s beachwear and surf and skate accessories.
The upper level of Brim features backpacks from major skateboard companies, ranging from 3,900 ISK to 6,900 ISK, and other skate and streetwear accessories such as hats, belts, wallets, necklaces and sunglasses. In the summertime, most of the items found on the top floor of Brim can be spotted on the wrists, necks, heads and backs of Icelandic teens in nearly every part of town.
Downstairs, Brim is loaded with colourful women’s bathing suits and men’s board shorts. Once can find streetwear from all the major surf and skate companies (Billabong, Element, Nikita et al.) on the bottom level, with volumes of men’s skate shoes on the closest wall. In the back of Brim is a skateboard shop where anyone can come in and assemble their own custom board from a wide selection of decks, trucks, wheels and bearings. While decks generally start at 6,900 ISK, Brim features a make-your-own skateboard deal ranging from 14,900 ISK to about 20,000 ISK (making it one of the cheapest in town.)
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