Two Step Horror: Bad Sides & Rejects

Flat line generation
Words by Clyde Bradford
Really, if you call your album ‘Bad Sides & Rejects’ you’re setting yourself up for a fall. Or a snarky review or two. Out extends my leg for a metaphorical tripping then.

This is languid, gothy post-punk but the songs just don’t go anywhere. They just exist, so linear and (sonically) flat that even builders of Roman roads would be jealous. A soundtrack to malaise and teenage ennui. It is a response to darkness and boredom, which is itself dark and boring. Oh Two Step Horror (sung to the tune of “Vienna”), this doesn’t do anything for me. It’s the expression of that which is inexpressible through words.

This is average. Not bad, not good—none of the above. An amorphous gloop of not much.

P.S. I quite like their ‘Living Room Music’ album.

check out the album on their page on Gogoyoko.

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