Subminimal: Microfluidics EP

A perfect little Interzone floor filler if ever I heard one...
Words by Bob Cluness
In purely drum and bass terms ‘Microfluidics,’ the second EP from Reykjavík producer Subminimal, does not re-invent the wheel. It’s too in lockstep with the likes of ’90s artists such as Source Direct and Photek to be considered anything like ground breaking. BUT, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a fully accomplished listening experience going on here.

The beats produced across its five tracks are incredibly restrained, with a clinical laser etched finish to them. There’s not a trace of grime or techstep in-yer-face aggro contained within. Normally this would mean a slight lack of substance, but in the case of ‘Microfluidics,’ it actually works out really well.

This is down to the menacingly textured sounds accompanying those beats. Sci-fi dark ambient sounds whoosh past your ears, while echoing drips, pops and splashes give this EP a spacious, almost eerie presence. It feels like ‘Microfluidics’ lurks and skulks in dark corners of abandoned spaceships off Solaris, waiting for people to go, “Hey we should split up and explore this place separately,” before it attacks and lays its young in your brain or something.
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