Klezmer Kaos: Froggy

Don't listen to this whilst exercising; you'll end up dead
Words by Joe Shooman
Get ready to dance! And possibly cry. And then to say, “Hang on, how come this band is now playing excerpts of Nintendo game themes?”

Therein lies the chaos; this supreme set of musicians grab the Jewish roots of this most insistent music, blends it with some jazz licks and lets it loose when it needs to. Take “Froggy Kaos 2” as an example—half the time it sounds like a horse is playing in the woodwind section. Then some noises that sound like what you get when Tom gets twatted on the head by Jerry. Then a frog croak from a cello.

This is superb, silly, brilliant stuff, which is waiting for some bizarre Eastern European black and white animations, or the Beatles to add visuals.

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