Intro Beats: Half Time

An album of two halves. BOOM BOOM!
Words by Bob Cluness
One of the more interesting aspects of Möller Records is the way they seem to act as a refuge for hip hop beat merchants, offering them a sanctuary so that they can produce their work free from evil rap poachers after their ivory rhythms. First there was Steve Sampling and now we have Forgotten Lores producer Intro Beats entering the fray with his second solo album, ‘Half Time.’

Containing a sampadelic array of styles and rhythms, the first half of the album is a hazy, although at times rather listless experience. Starting with a jazz-fusion intro track, it settles into the likes of “Let’s Travel,” which has an almost illegally blissful Balearic chillout vibe (the THC contact high from the CD alone will make you lose half an hour).

But halfway into listening, the album gives itself a metaphorical kick up the arse and the mood and tempo changes. “Hailien Alo,” for example, is boisterous in its attitude, carving out a funky-lite beat and wobbling bass. The rest of the album continues at this level of energy, from the disco-funk of “Fry n’ Chicken,” to the samba-hardened punch of “Fjarðafönk.”

‘Half Time’ does suffer a little from a lack of musical focus, but there’s no denying that some of the tracks on here are pretty righteous affairs that shows Intro Beats’ willingness to progress musically from his turntablist background.

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