Hörður Torfa: Eldsaga, Loftsaga and Jarðsaga

As an activist for gay rights and orchestrator of the Pots and Pans revolution, Hörður has already made his mark. These albums are pleasant enough, but will hardly change history.
Words by Valur Gunnarsson
The album series “Vitinn” shows singer-songwriter Hörður Torfa in various stages of life. ‘Loftsaga’ (“Air Story”) from 2004 shows him in his ‘70s prime, looking like a Norse God. Hörður graduated from drama school in 1970 and recorded his debut album in the same year. ‘Loftsaga’ shows him at his most theatrical, assuming various character voices. He is actually better on the less pretentious ‘Jarðsaga’ (“Earth Story”), from 2007 and featuring a pimpled, teenage Hörður on the cover. Highlights include “Draumurinn,” (“The Dream”) an imaginary all-star singalong of Icelandic rock legends which, inevitably, rhymes “Las Vegas” with “Megas,” and “Mas í mó,” no doubt dedicated to his Italian boyfriend Massimo. Somewhere in between is the upbeat ‘Eldsaga’ (“Fire Story”) from 2003, which has a lot of sun on it and seems to have been written for a summer like this. Also available is the most recent ‘Vatnssaga’ (“water story”), while the upcoming fifth element is remains to be seen. Perhaps that one will truly reach for the stars.

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