Blood Feud: Hiding Behind The Light

Iron clad thrash that requires a bit more tempering to make it stronger…
Words by Bob Cluness
After 2008’s EP ‘Adjustment to the Sickest,’ the former metal covers band known as Blood Feud have finally released their debut, ‘Hid-ing Behind The Light.’ On first listen, the word that enters you brain is “thrashy” as the bat out of hell riffing on opening song ‘Myrkvi’ and the pounding rhythm on ‘Creatures Of Utopia’ and ‘Corrupted Existence’ slap you in the chops, going “LISTEN TO ME NOW DAMMIT!” This is a good thing, as it’s pretty refreshing to have some good, honest thrash (also with a more than healthy adherence to NWOBHM in its DNA) in a scene that’s mostly dominated by untold black/death metal combinations with a little doom/sludge as a side order.

But before we get too rapturous, there are a couple of problems with this album. Actually one problem in particular: the vocals of singer Böðvar. He has this weird scooping quality in his delivery that makes his strangulated high end scream really off-putting to listen to after only a few minutes. He’d be better off staying with his clearer tones, which adds more contrast with the growls of Óskar (who can really growl like a bear kicked in the nads).

But this album has enough moments to make me wish I could grow my hair long enough to do windmills…

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