Hverfisgata 42, 101 Reykjavík
Words by grapevine
Art bookstore Útúrdúr has been sorely missed since they closed down
along with the equally missed Havarí (come back!) in January. So when they re-opened in a brand new location on Hverfisgata (next to Kling & Bang) a couple of weeks ago, we felt it appropriate to express our joy by featuring them in our ‘new in town’ thingy on our centre map. Útúrdúr is a bookstore that specialises in the sale and publishing of art related materials, namely “books, catalogues, posters, bookworks and multiples”. It is also a venue where artists may get their work promoted. Go browse some art and alt.culture weekdays between 12-18 and Saturdays from 12-17.

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