Does E-Commerce Have A Future In Iceland?

Tax Law Professor Pomp lectures at the National Museum
Words by The Grapevine
When’s the last time you heard, “Attention shoppers, the time is now 20:50 and the store will be closing in 10 minutes” over an intercom at a large department store? With the rise of e-commerce, many now take for granted the beauty of shopping from the comfort of their home at the hour of their choice.

But Icelanders will surely tell you that online shopping is not as easy as pie. Waiting time aside, when Icelanders pick up their purchase from the Customs Office, where it has likely been detained, they discover that it has been taxed up the wazoo. Yep, that copy of ‘The Never Ending Story’ ends up costing 50% more than the sticker price.

If your blood is boiling right now, you may be interested in heading over to the National Museum on January 10 to catch Professor of law Dr. Pomp’s lecture on e-commerce. As a tax law expert, he will discuss the future of e-commerce and the role that these kinds of taxation barriers play.


Where: National Museum of Iceland

When: January 10, 14:00

How Much: Free

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