University Apologises For Smallpox Video

Words by Paul Fontaine
The University of Reykjavík (HR) has issued a statement apologising for a video uploaded to YouTube which describes a global smallpox epidemic.

In a statement from the university, they say that a video was uploaded to HR's YouTube channel which reported that there was a global smallpox epidemic. There is no smallpox epidemic - in fact, the disease was declared officially eradicated in 1979.

The video was actually a part of an event called Disaster Week, currently ongoing at HR. The event puts students from the technology and engineering departments into small groups where they must work together to solve a complex problem. How a video on a global smallpox epidemic related to Disaster Week was not stated.

The video, HR reports, has been deleted from their YouTube channel. In actuality, the university has two channels: one primarily in Icelandic and the other mostly in English.

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