Two Asylum Seekers Caught At Sundahöfn Harbour

Words by Paul Fontaine
Two men from Afghanistan were caught in a secured area of Sundahöfn harbour with large amounts of food and water in their possession, and are presumed to have been attempting to stow away on a ship bound for the US.

RÚV reports that the men had been spotted in the area about a week ago as well. Ólafur William Hand, the PR manager for shipping company Eimskip, was decidedly displeased with the asylum seekers.

"We don't consider these men asylum seekers," he said. "They're using Iceland as a trampoline to get over to the US or Canada. Asylum seekers are something different. Asylum seekers are looking for a better life in Iceland."

Hand also claims that Eimskip has spent tens of millions of krónur on beefing up security around their harbours. When asked what such a large sum of money was spent on, he replied, "We've had to set up more security cameras and various other costs." Hand also said Eimskip plans on pressing charges against the two men.

The news of the arrest of the two men, and Eimskip's decision to press charges against them, comes in the wake of Icelandair's decision to sue two attempted stowaways for damages.

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