Small Population Increase Inspires City task Force To Investigate

Words by Catharine Fulton
During the time municipalities surrounding Reykjavík have experienced population increases of over 27%, Reykjavík’s population has increased by just 6.4%, and the Independence Party wants to know why.

The Independence Party members of city council have assembled a task force to examine the reasons behind Reykjavík’s comparatively sluggish population growth, RÚV reports. They’ll look closely at what makes people decide where to reside and, perhaps, increase city services to entice people to consider Reykjavík a homier place to live.

While the Independence Party hasn’t solicited my personal advice, I’d like to point out that residents require affordable housing, not hotels, and shops that provide for basic needs, which don’t include stuffed puffins and witty t-shirts. That might be a start.

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