Sin Fang: Half Dreams

Pop that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. The sort you get from having a stiff Pimm's.
Words by Bob Cluness
I’m not a natural summer person, so when a piece of music comes along that actually raises my endorphin levels to the point where I can happily leave the house, then it’s best to grab it with both dirty mitts. ‘Half Dreams,’ the latest release from Sin Fang is one such happy pop nugget.

It’s strange, but I actually prefer this EP over his previous opus, ‘Summer Echoes.’ That album was good, but ‘Half Dreams’ feels simpler and more direct in how the songs are played out, with less chance of them fraying at the edges and turning too ramshackle.

From the sugar coated doo-wop pop of “Only Eyes,” there is the slightly tart/bitter “Walk With You,” a song of longing sensibility where the chorus is paired with some spine tingling backing vocals and soft brass lines. Not every track hits home. “Strange House” seems more at home at a knock-off ‘50s retro musical, but this doesn’t matter too much as “It’s Not There” picks up the pace with an energetic rhythm that finishes the EP with a flourish.

As EPs go, ‘Half Dreams’ is definitely one to make those hazy weekday evenings seem just that little bit hazier. Some cocktails wouldn’t go amiss either.

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