Punk Concert At Russian Embassy In Protest To Pussy Riot Detention

Words by Paul Fontaine
Iceland Airwaves directing manager Grímur Atlason pledges to throw a punk concert outside the Russian embassy and Russian Orthodox Church every Thursday at noon to protest Pussy Riot's treatment.

As many may no doubt be familiar, the Russian punk rock band were arrested last March after performing a song in a church calling for Russian President Vladimir Putin to be removed from power. They have been in jail ever since, and were recently denied bail. They face seven years in prison for "hooliganism". The case has aroused international attention and protest to what is seen by many to be a political arrest.

Iceland has been no exception when it comes to protesting the detention. Last month, protesters gathered at the Russian embassy, leading to one arrest. Now, Iceland Airwaves directing manager Grímur Atlason has pledged to hold a punk rock concert outside of the Russian embassy and Russian Orthodox church every Thursday at noon, to voice disapproval for the continued detention of Pussy Riot.

According to his Facebook, the planning stages are still ongoing, but he has thus far gotten Bubbi Morthens to sign up, and many other bands are expected to take part as well.

The trial of Pussy Riot is due to end next week, with the prosecuting attorney calling for at least three years in prison for the band.

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