Now Your Home Can Smell Like Iceland, Care Of Sigur Rós!

Words by Catharine Fulton
Calling all Iceland-lovers! If you’ve been sitting around your home, lopi-clad, sipping tea steeped from the mystic herbs of the Icelandic countryside, perusing your photo album of Icelandic horses, with 'Valtari' on a never-ending loop, you’ve likely noticed that the current scent of your surroundings just isn’t cutting it.

Fear not, Sigur Rós has a released a scented candle that will woo you with the fragrance of Iceland. Called 'Varðeldur' ("camp fire"), the candle purports to smell of a driftwood campfire and will burn for 35 hours, RÚV reports.

The candle will set you back €21 (approximately 3,600 ISK) and is available for sale on Sigur Rós’ website.


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