New Party Coming Up Strong

Words by Paul Fontaine
A relatively new political party has almost doubled its support in just two months, and could gain a seat in parliament, a new Gallup poll shows.

RÚV reports on the results of a new Gallup poll measuring levels of party support in November. According to the results, Bright Future - a new party formed this year by former Progressive Guðmundur Steingrímsson with Heiða Kristín Helgadóttir - is doing considerably well for itself, while most other parties remain stagnant in terms of levels of support.

Last September, Bright Future polled at around 5%. They now measure at about 8%, giving them enough support to get one seat in parliament. The other smaller parties have not fared as well. The Dawn is at 3.8%, the Rightist-Greens are at 3.3% and Solidarity is at 1.9%.

In related news, the Independence Party is once again the most popular party, coming in at 35.9%. This is almost a full percentage more than the ruling coalition itself, which is currently at 35%.

Taken separately, the two parties of the ruling coalition - the Social Democrats and Leftist-Greens - have about the same levels of support that they did last month. The Social Democrats are measured now at 22.5% and the Leftist-Greens at 10.6%. The Leftist-Greens have not had such a low level of support since last May, when they came in at 10.4%. The Progressives are at 12.7%, which is around the same level that they have maintained for months now.

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