MP Submitted Proposal For Tunnel Between Mainland And Westman Islands

Words by Catharine Fulton
Árni Johnsen, an MP for the Independence Party, has submitted a proposal to Alþingi to begin construction on a tunnel linking the Westman Islands to mainland Iceland, RÚV reports.

The proposed tunnel would connect Landeyjar, on Iceland’s south coast, with Heimaey, the largest of the Westman Islands. According to the report provided to Alþingi it had been estimated six years ago that the construction of the tunnel would cost 17 billion ISK.

“The uncertainty surrounding current transport between the mainland and the islands is a disgrace,” Árni writes in the proposal. “Tunnels have been a priority in the mind of the Westman Islanders. It’s smart business.”

In the proposal, Árni compares the cost of maintaining the harbour and ships with that of building a tunnel and reasons that the tunnel is the financially smarter decision.

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