Logn - Í fráhvarfi ljóss, myrkrið lifnar við

Growing pains
Words by Clyde Bradford
‘Í fráhvarfi ljóss, myrkrið lifnar við’ is the debut album from grindcore dudes Logn. They’re a precociously talented bunch, but unfortunately this is not always readily apparent on this release. For example, drummer Ægir is an impressively tight whirlwind of limbs normally, but on the opening track “Klofnun sakleysis,” the blast beats are a little sloppy and should have been re-done.

Furthermore, “Klofnun sakleysis” probably shouldn’t have opened the album; the sonic whip crack of “Vítishungur” would have better started proceedings. And the interlude track “Salt í sárin” should really be a quarter of its length, being that it is seven minutes long with minimal development.

Awareness of these sorts of “mistakes” come with maturity and experience though, so hopefully Logn will build on this in the future. There are some killer tracks on this album and in many ways Logn are far ahead of a lot of bands, but they have some maturing to do.

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