Lack Of Psychologists Leads To High Use Of Drugs

Words by Paul Fontaine
A shortage of psychologists in the countryside of Iceland means that more often than not, these Icelanders seek pharmaceutical solutions instead.

Erla Björnsdóttir, a psychologist living in Reykjavík, is conducting research on sleep for her doctorate degree. She sees a troubling trend in the countryside, RÚV reports.

Erla points out that there is a shortage of psychologists in the countryside available. Those who have trouble sleeping who cannot get time with a therapist will often turn to sleep medication instead.

She contends that the best solution to most sleeping problems is operant therapy rather than medication. The self-regulation also leads to more sick days, and increases the possibility of addiction to the medication.

Erla would like to provide sleep therapy online; not solely for people living in the countryside, but for young people as well, who she believes might be more reluctant to visit a therapist than an adult.

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