Icelandic Skating Culture Gets A Boost

‘First Try Fail Mondays’ now available on DVD
Words by Haukur S. Magnússon
After somewhat of a lull in popularity over the past decade, the art of skateboarding is gaining ground in Reykjavík, its streets and skateparks once again crowded with newcomer skaters and experienced veterans. Addi Introbeats (of legendary hip hop act Forgotten Lores) has been an ardent supporter of and participant in the Reykjavík skating scene, and is definitely one of the instigators of the current skating resurgence through his ‘First Try Fail Mondays’ series of skating videos.

Addi has throughout the year 2011documented Reykjavík skaters (both local legends and serious n00bs) on his nifty videocamera, editing the results to perfection and releasing them to the web as the usually weekly series ‘First Try Fail Mondays’. The best of the series (currently up to 40 episodes) have now been collected on DVD and ought to make the perfect Xmas present for the Icelandophile-slash-skater in your life.

Immerse yourself in Icelandic skating culture and some choice local tunes courtesy of Addi Intro—‘First Try Fail Mondays’ is available for purchase at most stores that sell DVDs and such stuff.

Also, check this sweet preview below.

First Try Fail Mondays - Sigfinnur Böðvarsson from Introbeats TV on Vimeo.

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