Icelanders Most Connected In Europe

Words by Catharine Fulton
Iceland can proudly boast the highest saturation of residents with internet access. More than 96% of Icelanders had regular access to a network last year and almost 95% of households could say the same, RÚV reports.

Icelanders are also more likely than their European counterparts to be commenting on social networking pages, with 67% of Icelanders engaging in such online activity in comparison to 52% of other Europeans. Icelanders also connect regularly for banking, with 90% of internet users tending to their finances online. The country isn’t a leader in this regard, however, as 91% of connected Norwegians and Finns do their banking online.

32 European nations conduct research annually on the use of information and communication technology, both by individuals and companies. The results for all the countries surveyed are available from Statistics Iceland.

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