Free Haircuts Until Christmas

Words by Paul Fontaine
A local family assistance centre will be offering free haircuts until Christmas.

Vísir spoke with Ásgerður Jóna Flosadóttir, the director of Fjölskylduhjálp, an organisation known mostly for giving donated food to those in need. Starting today, however, they will be offering free haircuts as well.

"It makes a big difference for people to be able to get this service without cost as Christmas approaches," she said. "We're happy to be able to start this now."

This is actually the third autumn in a row that Fjölskyldahjálp will be offering this service and, due to the anticipated demand, those interested are asked to book a time in advance rather than just show up.

Any one wishing to get their haircut by Fjölskyldahjálp can make an appointment by calling 551-3360. They ask only that those who accept the service arrive with their hair already washed.

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