Four Icelanders Attempt To Break World Record

Words by Paul Fontaine
Four Icelanders are about to embark on a quest to break a dangerous world record - rowing across the Atlantic without assistance.

The team, called North Atlantic Row, consists of Einar Örn Sigurdórsson, Eyþór Eðvarðsson, Kjartan Jakob Hauksson and Svanur Wilcox, with captain Kjartan Jakob Hauksson preparing them for their shot at a place in the Guiness Book of World Records. As they explain in their own words:
We are a crew of four Icelanders whose goal is to row unsupported from Norway to Iceland, via Scotland and the Faroe Islands in 2013, and then in 2014 to continue to Greenland and Canada. The route covers some of the most difficult seas in the North Atlantic and has never been rowed successfully before.
Vísir reports that the team plan to embark on their journey on May 17 of next year. Guiness judges will be following their progress closely.

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