Considering Producing Skyr In The US

Words by Paul Fontaine
The Icelandic dairy company Mjólkursamsalan (MS) is examining the pros and cons of starting production of skyr in the US.

Skyr, a yogurt-like product unique to Iceland, has been experiencing an export boom lately, across Europe, North America, and even Russia. As one might expect, though, exports mean tariffs, and on perishable goods these can be quite high.

DV reports that it is precisely because of the high tariffs that MS has to pay in order to export skyr to the US that the company is now considering simply manufacturing skyr in the US. Jón Axel Pétursson, the director of sales and marketing for MS, confirmed that the company does regard in-country production of skyr as one way to avoid having to pay import tariffs, but no final decision has yet been taken.

Skyr is available to many American consumers, primarily through the Whole Foods grocery chain. In addition to reducing costs for MS, skyr produced in the US itself could mean lower prices for American consumers.

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