Child Leave Could Be Extended

Words by Paul Fontaine
Child leave in Iceland could be extended, and the monthly payments currently made raised.

By Icelandic law, parents of a child are given nine months leave - three months for the mother, three months for the father, and another three months to be used however they see fit. This absence is paid by the state.

RÚV now reports that the Icelandic government approved a bill outlining some changes to child leave that will go into effect after a few years.

First of all, child leave will be extended from nine months to twelve, giving each parent four months leave and the remaining four months to be shared. Secondly, the total paid per month for the leave will be raised from 300,000 ISK to 350,000 ISK.

These changes, if approved, will go into effect in 2016. The Minister of Welfare will submit the bill to parliament today.

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