Arnar Ástráðsson: State Of Mind

If Páll Óskar played any of this at his Eurovision parties, he would actually get lynched.
Words by Bob Cluness
Arnar Ástráðsson is a songwriter best known for having a song, "Ástin Mín Eina" (‘My One And Only’), that reached the Icelandic Eurovision finals in 2011. And whoo hoo, not only does it appear on this, his debut album, he also has a “dance mix” version as well. Oh... joy.

God this is a bad album. I mean really bad. Not even in a bad-but-I-love tacky-bad-taste-shit-so-it’s-OK kind of bad. It took me several attempts to get through this album, but I didn’t feel elation at the end of it, only an empty sense of despair that some other poor bastard will end up listening to this too.

With truly flat production and pedestrian chord progressions, the most unforgivable thing is that most of his attempts at Robert Miles Euro dance pop are just fucking boring. And when you actually resort to ripping off the chorus from Sabrina’s “Boys Boys Boys,” as he does on “Beautiful State Of Mind,” then there is a special place in Euro cack pop hell waiting for you.

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