Amphetamine Lab Shut Down In Reykjavík

Words by Paul Fontaine
A man in his fifties was arrested after a search of his home turned up an amphetamine lab in his garage.

Morgunblaðið reports that the lab in question was located in the Efstasund neighbourhood of Reykjavík. The area around the house was cordoned off after police discovered numerous chemicals and equipment related to the manufacturing of amphetamine in the garage during a search of the suspect's home.

Police say that they do not believe any of the materials within are explosive, but have decided to take no chances, and have called in an expert from the University of Iceland to advise them during the dismantling of the lab. Vísir reports that a child of playschool age also lives in the suspect's home.

The manufacturing of hard drugs in Iceland is far less common than arrests over growing marijuana. The discovery of amphetamine labs is a very rare event, as most amphetamine in Iceland is smuggled in rather made within the country.

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