All Blood Types Needed

Words by Paul Fontaine
The Blood Bank is calling on everyone, of all blood types, to donate - especially in preparation for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Summer is a time of great demand for blood, as people are on vacation and more active outdoors, not to mention traveling around the country. DV reports that people of all blood types are encouraged to donate now, in preparation for this weekend's Merchant's Holiday weekend, which is associated with copious drinking and partying.

While those of all blood types are asked to come donate, those with O- blood are especially encouraged to donate, today if possible. O blood types can be transfused to those of any blood type, which is why those with O blood are called "universal donors".

If you wish to donate blood, check the Blood Bank's homepage for available times and locations. Their Snorrabraut location is open until 19:00 today.

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