Majority Of Icelanders With Fake Christmas Trees

Words by Paul Fontaine
Most Icelandic households will be choosing an artificial tree over a live one this year, continuing a trend on the rise.

In a poll conducted by Market and Media Research, respondents were asked, "Will there be a Christmas tree in your home this year?". Of those who responded, 39.3% said they would have a live tree, down from 41.6% in December 2010. At the same time, 51.3% said they would be using an artificial tree, up from 49.6% at this time last year. 9.4% said they would have no tree at all, up from 8.8% last December.

Having a Christmas tree in the home seems to be an idea more popular with women than with men, and most popular among those between 30 and 49. Strangely, having a tree for Christmas is least popular among those earning between 400,000 and 599,000 ISK - people of both lower and higher income brackets were more likely to intend to get a Christmas tree.

There is no data available on the party affiliation of those intending to buy Christmas trees this year.
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