Worth listening to at least once
Words by Salvatore A. Tummolillo
Nine girls walk into a studio and improv for seven hours, using only their voices. What do you get? A 40-minute studio album of improvised a capella. Sounds like a joke, right? No, it’s not. These girls have created a unique album—a brave, wondrous artistic feat that is original in its execution, not to mention its style.

Unfortunately, while the girls have beautiful voices, there are songs on this album that really drag it down. The first song on this album, titled “I Natt, Mens Du Sov,” is extremely difficult to listen to. “The Mermaid and the Sailor” has real potential, but due to the limits of improvisation, such as no rehearsal and/or set lyrics, the song becomes too repetitive. Looking past the repetitiveness of some of these songs, however, the album proves decent.

Still, the idea behind this album is fantastic and IKI cannot be accused of being cliché. So in sum, the album is worth listening to at least once, to appreciate what these artists are attempting. Just skip the first song…


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