In Siren: In Between Dreams

Little curiosity shop of proggers
Words by Clyde Bradford
In Siren describe themselves as “an ambitious project which consists of esteemed musicians from the Reykjavíkian music scene.” A slightly egotistical claim it may be, but ‘In Between Dreams’ is indeed a pretty cool album that is executed with aplomb by those aforementioned “esteemed musicians.”

‘In Between Dreams’ is prog-rock, replete with some utterly ridiculous lyrics. Musically it is able to remain interesting and “progressive,” whilst maintaining the internal logic of the songs. Basically it doesn’t tend to resort to keeeerrrraazzy twists to sound progressive, instead relying on more subtle gestures to make songs intriguing. Which is nice.

It isn’t really a mind-blowing album, but it’s certainly an interesting little curio.

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